Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping (Applewood) has been practising responsible horticulture for over 25 years, one backyard at a time.


We service residential and commercial clients in and around the Toronto area. We are members in good standing belonging to the Organic Landscape Alliance.


Applewood's goal has been to educate our clients on the value of organic gardening and land care and to eliminate the dependency on using cosmetic pesticides. We have strived to emphasize the importance of  biodiversity both above ground and below and stressed the importance of  healthy soil.


Applewood offers over 75 different services in land care for both residential and commercial clients. Everything from organic lawn care and gardening and responsible environment and property  management to landscape beautification and garden design.


Our landscape design and construction services integrate beauty and aesthetics to try to create positive micro-habitats where clients can conserve water and energy. We listen to our clients and consult with them on creating functional , beautiful and organic green spaces that establish healthy urban micro-environments that have a positive impact on their communities while increasing the property values of our clients and the communities we service.


We promote and educate our clients on sustainable,  pesticides-free gardens and lawns. We support biological pest control. We utilize a variety of organic and natural compost fertilizers ranging from sheep/cow compost to worm compost (vermicompost) and employ effective microorganisms, mycorrhizal fungi, compost tea brewers, sea minerals, kelp, humic acids, fish hydrolysate, and more.


We offer educational coaching seminars (“Organic Gardening with Kids-Program) introducing future environmental stewards to the benefits of organic gardening and practices. We offer Gardening with Seniors-Program Service which invites our elderly clients living at home to participate in non-strenuous gardening and landscaping activities working alongside our professionals.


We specialize in using natural stone features such as moss rock in our xeriscaping projects, promoting where we can the use of native plants and native restoration.  We are experts in consulting on ,bog garden, moss rock and flagstone garden design and  construction and offer many alternative ecological land care and environmental management practices such as wind management, micro-climate control, rain water harvesting and creating storm water diversion pits.


In addition to the above we are committed stewards of our environment.. Our environmental beliefs and the ethics we are committed to have earned us an enviable reputation of trust and reliability in the communities we service. In addition to being on the Board of Directors for the Organic Landscape Alliance and members of Pesticide Free Ontario, Ontario Horticultural Society, Society of Urban Land care (SOUL), we have offered our services free of charge to many social and charitable organizations and helped financially to support such causes as Katrina Red Crisis Relief, Habitat For Humanity, High Park Initiatives in addition to offering assistance and support for many local charities and schools. 


At Applewood we are very conscious of our image and the trust that we enjoy from both our residential and corporate clients.


Our professional crews are experienced, dependable and timely. We are licensed, bonded and insured to provide services in Canada. All of our employees are either full time staff or have established historical seasonal employment records with Applewood.


Unlike other landscaping companies, we do not employ part-time or inexperienced seasonal staff with questionable background checks or safety records. Applewood's team consists of only seasoned and experienced professionals who embrace our principles and work ethic.


We take pride in our work, our team members and their conduct, and most importantly in providing clients with excellent, reliable and affordable services using environmentally friendly, organic products.


Please visit  the many other sections of our website to learn more about us and our services,  or call us to discuss your land care needs. We are eager to assist you in anyway we can or to simply answer any questions you may with respect to organic land care.







August 15, 2011

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April 21, 2010

Applewood Helps Local School  During Earth Week

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