Applewood works with professionals in either pruning or removing trees.

Tree removal projects, may or may not involve stumping service which is an additional cost (see Applewood Acres Stumping Service)


Cutting limbs and taking down trees can be a delicate task. Clients who require tree services and maintenance require a tree services contractor with specific insurance and experience.


Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping offers free estimates and can handle any project without damaging either the trees or your property.


Applewood Acres has professionals who are knowledgeable of arboriculture, soil science, root systems, and pest management.


For Tree & Shrub Removal Call Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping. We will evaluate and assess your property and remove trees and shrubs as required.


At Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping we employ state of the art rigging equipment along with precise technical skill to make removing trees and shrubs as inexpensive and hassle free as possible. Removing trees and shrubs sooner rather then later is usually the best course of action.


Our qualified Arborist will evaluate and assess your trees for hazards.


We can make simple recommendations such as a crown reduction to reduce its hazard rating, and allow you to avoid the expense of a complete removal.


All removals are done with minimal impact to your property, in a timely and professional manner.


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Why clients should consider removing a tree?


The reasons to remove a tree are:


  • Danger to property and people ( i.e. decaying and rotted branches or tree trunk)
  • Encroachment  on home (foundation, roof and other)

Many times the risk may not be visible. Trees of all sizes can send out large and damaging root systems that can disturb and encroach on septic, sewer and water lines. Root systems from trees can even find there way into cracks in building foundations, increasing the risk of building stability).

  • Invasive non-native trees that are poor contributors to the environment, aesthetics etc.

  • To build an addition, pool, landscape etc
  • To harvest wood for fuel, timber etc
  • The tree is a source of insect and disease and potential to infest neighbouring trees
  • To encourage slower growing long-lived species in the landscape / forest. Examples are: Oak, Sugar Maple, Hickory etc.  
  • Assessing your tree for major structural defects
  • Major root /root flare damage due to construction or excavation around a tree
  • Major cavities, which reduce the amount of solid holding wood

Successive environmental factors affecting tree structure such as:




Remember: To avoid these hazards which can cause trees to hurt people or damage property, Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping  recommends preventative pruning and crown reduction to keep your trees growing strong for many years.


Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping saves you money! Our low overhead, skilled staff, knowledge and experience will get the job done safely and efficiently.


How Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping Diagnosis Insect Damage, Decease and Injury


Applewood Acres Gardening & Landscaping recommends clients do a thorough diagnosis in order to determine a plan to invigorate your trees to prevent or defend themselves from further injury.


Some common tree ailments are as follows:


Symptoms (abnormalities)
Leaf spots and blotches, stem dieback, cankers, poor growth, wilting, yellowing and galls


Causal Agents of Tree Stress
The causes of injury or disease can be both biotic or abiotic and more importantly if it is infectious.


Abiotic stresses would include nutrient, water, air, temperature and salt stresses. Biotic stresses would include insects, bacteria, fungi and viruses to name just a few.


Some Leading Causes of Tree Stress:

  • Over and under watering
  • Over and under fertilization
  • Physical root damage due to building renovation etc.
  • Poor soil quality

Tree Care Tips

  • Water during a drought
  • Provide nutrients and a good rooting environment through mulching
  • Pruning promotes a more efficient nutrient transport

Recent threats to trees in Ontario include:

  • Emerald Ash Borer
  • Asian Long Horned Beetle
  • Oak Wilt Disease
  • Gypsy Moth

* Homeowners in Southern Ontario should be aware of these recent threats to our Native species. To learn more go to: www.inspection.gc.ca




This period extends from November 15th to March 15th and pertains to tree pruning, removals and cable installation. The discount offered is 5%




This allows the cost of larger contracts to be spread equally over a maximum of six months. Equal monthly invoices are issued just prior to commencing with the work and a payment schedule is set. As the items of work are performed Applewood Acres will send  the client invoices specific to those job items. These invoices indicate the value of the work performed but request no remittance. If this option is exercised the winter discount may not apply.




Refer Applewood Acres to your friends. Confirmed referral and work once completed will earn you a cash reimbursement of  $50.00


Applewood Stumping Price


The cost of stump removal varies depending on several factors such as grade, accessibility to stump/project area, circumference of stump surface, surrounding project area e.g. cement, rocks, construction material other obstructions.


Generally though Applewood Acres project rates for stumping begin at a flat rate of $ 300 for stumps 24” in circumference.


Re-grading to removal mulch and lay new sod is not included.


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